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Floral design studio creating dreamy and romantic flowers, celebrating the beauty in nature and the changing seasons.

I am Jenny, floral designer, jewellery designer and founder of In Blossom, I have a lifelong love of flowers and the magical beauty found in nature. In 2021 I trained in floristry at Tallulah Rose Flower School allowing me to turn this lifelong love in a dream career. Combining my floristry with my creative design background In Blossom was founded with the intention of creating romantic and delicately wild floral designs for weddings, events and special occasions. 

With my romantic, delicate, seasonally inspired style I create floral designs that help compliment the beautiful atmosphere of your special day. Each design is personal and bespoke to you and your wedding or event, whether it is creating a wild sprawling archway, aisle meadows, arrangements  or natural bridal bouquet. I am based in Cheshire but working throughout England, the UK and beyond.


In appreciating nature and the importance of looking after and respecting our environment sustainability is a very important part of In Blossom. I choose the foam free option when creating my designs and in my packaging only using recyclable or reusable materials. I also aim wherever possible during British Flower season to source my flowers from local growers. Not only does this help support our environment but it also allows me to use the beautiful variety uniquely found in British grown flowers in my designs. 

If you have any floral enquiries please contact me through email ~ hello@inblossom.co.uk or through the contact page, I would love to hear from you!



Alongside my floral design studio and work as a floral designer I am also a jewellery designer. I love to create unique and special pieces to carry with you everyday and pieces to become mementos for precious moments. Each In Blossom jewellery piece is designed and made by hand by me, putting love and care into each piece that I make. 

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